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what I write & edit

I publish in a variety of disciplines, including archives, museum collections, and history. My work has been in a number of journals, including Collections, Journal of African American History, and the VRA Bulletin. I have also been involved with several open-access community publications and have done documentary and scholarly editing for publications related to Frederick Douglass.


For a full list of publications, download my CV.

Kyna Herzinger and Rebecca Pattillo

In the Library with the Lead Pipe, (2021)

Sarah Dorpinghaus, Cory Lampert, Rebecca Pattillo, and Kyna Herzinger

Mark A. Matienzo and Dinah Handel, eds. 2021. The Lighting the Way Handbook: Case Studies, Guidelines, and Emergent Futures for Archival Discovery and Delivery. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Libraries.

Dawn Childress, Gretchen Gueguen, Julie Hardesty, Rebecca Pattillo, Erik Radio, Lynette Rayle

Open Access publication (2020)

Terri Holtze, Rachel I. Howard, Randy Kuehn, Rebecca Pattillo and Elizabeth E. Reilly

Collections: a journal for museum and archives professionals (2018)

John R. Kaufman-McKivigan and Rebecca Pattillo

Journal of African American History vol 102:1 (2017)

Edited by John R. McKivigan, Peter P. Hinks, and Heather L. Kaufman

Assistant editor Rebecca Pattillo

Yale University Press (2016)

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